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Saplings: The Sunshine Centre, OXPIP and Community Midwives offer this group weekly for parents-to-be.

This group is available for those referred by their midwife.

Charlie the Chef

Charlie the Chef supports young children to taste new foods, change their eating habits.

Parent/carers have an opportunity to share their concerns and worries.

Self Esteem Programme

I didn’t change I just found myself.

Our Self Esteem Programme is an 8 week course which helps you to build confidence and assertiveness.

The cost is just a one off fee of £5 for resources.

Friday’s 9.30am – 11.00am

Call 01295 276769 to book a place

Parenting Programmes & Support

Love comes naturally to most parents, but everyone faces difficulties at some point – from babies who will not sleep at night, toddlers who throw tantrums to unruly teenagers. The Sunshine Centre offers a rolling program of parenting courses throughout the year, programmes which build on parents’ individual skills so they can give their children the best start in life.

Staff are fully trained to deliver a range of evidenced based parenting programmes.

Enrol on one of our parenting programmes or receive 1:1 support.

Caring Dads

A programme to help fathers improve their relationship with their children and end controlling, abusive and neglectful behaviour.

Caring Dads is a 17 week course offering fathers a unique opportunity to engage with their children and develop a positive relationship with them.

Participants can only access this course via a professional referral.

For more information contact us at The Sunshine Centre.

Time Out For Parents

A course for parents of children with additional needs

This course provides an opportunity for you to receive and provide support, encouragement, share feelings & experience and come up with solutions to problems on a basis of what works – not what is meant to work

Left To Their Own Devices

A workshop to help parents address the challenge of the online world, discuss topics such as the impact of the digital world on children, screen time, social media and tackle some of the more serious issues such as online bullying.