Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse in couple relationships or between family members. Domestic abuse can happen against anyone, and anybody can be an abuser. Getting help and support for domestic abuse.  You do not have to wait for an emergency situation to find help. At The Sunshine Centre we have staff who are trained and highly skilled to support those who have or are experiencing Domestic Abuse.  We can support individuals or families on a 1:1 basis or in a group situation. We are also able to refer individuals to the following:

Own My Life Programme

A 12 week course to help women who have been subjected to abuse to regain ownership of their lives.

Caring Dads Programme

The Caring Dads programme emphasises men’s accountability for their behaviour and helps fathers become more aware of and responsible for their use of abusive and healthy parenting strategies.  Men are encouraged to make choices that are responsive to their child’s developmental needs.

Support Group

This group is for individuals who have experienced domestic abuse.