Support for children and families within the local area


Our service aims to provide practical help and emotional support to families who need a little extra help. We all want our children to be happy and receive the best possible start in life.

At times we all experience difficulties in our lives. We can offer you support, guidance and advice to help you overcome problems you may be experiencing.

By working together we may just find the right solution to your problems which can improve the quality of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Activities for children aged 0 – 5 and beyond. Courses for adults

If you are in a group with children present, you will need to keep your mobile phone in your bag or pocket during the session. You can take a call by stepping outside the session..

All our staff are supportive and encouraging. We also have a trained specialist who can support you.

You can call in to weigh your baby at any time during opening hours. We have baby scales in our women’s toilet facilities.

If you are using the Centre, we have a vending machine in our Reception. Drinks cost 25p. There is tea, coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino. You can sit in Reception with your hot drink. You cannot carry it down the corridor because of the risk to children from hot drinks. You may have a hot drink in a group with children but will need to take great care because even 15 minutes after they have been made, hot drinks can still scald young children. Ask to see our Hot Drinks Policy if you wish to know more.

No. You may not take photos anywhere in the centre without prior consent from Sunshine Centre management.

Yes. We have a range of books. You are welcome to choose a book and borrow it.